NIP PP First cup girl 330 ml with wide neck soft spout silicone


Colorful and modern for little thirsty ones

  • Cup made from pleasantly soft PP (Polypropylene)
  • with silicone soft drinking spout, non-drip
  • extra thick perfect-fit flange for optimum non-drip fit on the cup neck
  • light and unbreakable
  • waisted body is easy to hold
  • largeí«ÌÎ_bottle neckí«ÌÎ_for easy filling and cleaning
  • with clip for attachment to a bag or clothing
  • soft drinking spoutí«ÌÎ_ií«ÌÎ_suitableí«ÌÎ_withí«ÌÎ_all nip wide neck bottles and cups
  • available in size 330 ml
  • Made in Germany.
  • 0% BPA

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