The Antibacterial Drinking Cup

The BPA free non-spill cup has a one-way valve fixed in the spout so liquids don‰ۡó»t spill even when your baby is throwing the cup around. The valve has patented technology of silver granules to kill 99% bacteria (E.Coli & MRSA) within 24 hrs of use.
The baby drinking cup handles are covered with soft rubber for easy grip.
Rubber tipped broad base to make the non-spill stable on flat surfaces. Soft, rubber coated body has no sharp edges to cut your baby's hands.
A cover keeps the spout hygienically clean. Most hygienic option for active toddlers, outdoors or at home.

The integrated valve makes the spout simple and easy to clean.

The bright color attracts a baby so a child can learn to drink independently & playfully.
Toddlers are extremely active so they are exposed to infections, especially stomach infections. Easy to clean non-spill cup comes with Steritouch protection of silver which kills 99% bacteria.
Hygienically the best for an active toddler.
BPA Free

Antibacterial: The valve contains silver ions to protect from microorganisms. Kills 99% of bacteria within 24hrs of use.
Comfortable Grip: The Non Spill cup comes with easily removable handles for grip.
Efficient: Non Spill valve controls the amount of liquid according to baby‰ۡó»s suction.
Soft: Rounded edges protect baby against cuts.
Sturdy: Does not leak even when thrown around by the baby
Hygiene: Comes with cap to keep the spout clean.

Technical Details:

Material: PP, TPE, PE Valve: Silicone

Origin: Poland


Type: Drinking cup

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