The light and portable Manual Breast Pump Protect

The 2 phase manual breast pump is light, quiet and portable and easily fits into your bag. The soft, light touch is enough to make it work with just one finger.

The multiple power levels adjust the pump to your needs.

The breast pump has two phase milk expression; stimulation (massage) and expression. Gentle massage and stimulation ensure painless expression.

Correct funnel shape and size with massaging cushion help maximum milk expression.

The breast pump comes in a durable, easy to clean, carry on case and extra spare parts.

LOVI breast pump is a correct solution for combining pump expression with long term breast feeding. The pump is light and easy to operate with minimum effort. The best companion for discreet pumping.

All the components of the breast pump are BPA Free.

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Comfortable Expressing of Breastmilk: Multiple suction power levels for individual comfort.
2 Phase: Stimulation and Expression.
Efficient: Light feather touch
Hygiene: Easy to assemble and clean.
Safe: All components are BPA Free.
Technical Details:
Suction Power: Max 37 K.p.a



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