Lovi Non-spill soft spout 6+month 150ml Orange


Soft Spout Non Spill Cup

LOVI BPA free, non-spill cup with soft spout is especially good for teething babies as it is soft on gums. The baby cannot bite off the sturdy soft spout so it is not a choking hazard.

The Non-spill cup has ergonomic design which helps the baby to hold it correctly. The drinking cup comes with convenient, removable handles and is just right size for the baby to carry independently.

The Non-Spill Valve can adjust liquid flow according to baby‰ۡó»s suction.

The spout can be covered with a hood for hygienic purpose.

The handles and the spout are compatible with LOVI bottles so it is easier to wean the baby.

The cup is comfortable while traveling or during playtime for active toddlers.
BPA Free.


Comfortable Grip: Ergonomically designed cup comes with easily removable handles for grip.
Efficient: Non-Spill valve controls the amount of liquid according to baby‰ۡó»s suction.
Soft: Protects baby‰ۡó»s gums and first teeth
Sturdy: Does not break easily even when chewed by the baby
Hygiene: Comes with hood to keep the spout clean.


Type: Drinking cup

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